Our Company

Consulting Analytical Services International (CaSi) was founded in 1979 with the goal of providing quality analytical testing services to the Springfield, MO metropolitan area. Over the years our service area has grown to encompass roughly 27 counties in Southwestern Missouri. We specialize in environmental testing, primarily dealing with municipal and industrial wastewater effluents and stormwater outfalls. We are a customer-focused company where you can count on receiving friendly, professional, and personalized service. In March of 2015, the remaining CaSi founder retired and the company became part of Verity Environmental Testing, Inc. But our goal remains the same, to provide accurate, timely, & compliant results. We are locally owned and operated and we employ local scientists to analyze samples in our modern laboratory located within a 2,200 sq. ft. facility.

Our Laboratory

  • Our laboratory facilities are segregated into three distinct areas to both facilitate work flow and to prevent issues like cross-contamination.

  • Wet Lab

    Our wet lab is where samples are prepared and where the majority of liquid mixing happens. In here we might digest samples for elemental analysis or total Kjeldahl nitrogen. Or we might perform a titration to determine residual chlorine. Anything done with liquid reagents will be done in this lab.

  • Instrument Lab

    Our instrument lab, as the name implies, is where insturment-based analyses happen. In here we might determine nitrite or nitrate using an ion chromatograph. Or we might determine heavy metals like lead & arsenic using an atomic emmission spectrometer.

  • Microbiological Lab

    Our microbiological lab is where samples are evaluated for microbial contamination. In here we might determine how many E. coli or total coliform bacteria are in a sample using a Quanti-Tray system. Or we might prepare plates to determine the number of fecal coliform colonies or to determine a heterotrophic plate count (HPC).

Your Compliance