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Wet Chemistry

Samples are routinely digested for tests such as total Kjeldahl nitrogen (TKN), total phosphorus, or for elemental analysis. Titrations are done for total residual chlorine and alkalinity. Other tests include 5-day biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), carbonaceous BOD, chemical oxygen demand (COD), total suspended solids (TSS), settleable solids, total solids & ash, flashpoint, and toxicity characteristic leaching procedure (TCLP).

Instrumental Analysis

Common tests that are conducted with the help of instrumentation include: ammonia, total & amenable cyanide, elemental analysis, hexavalent chromium, oil & grease, total phosphorus, total Kjeldahl nitrogen, anions (fluoride, chloride, bromide, nitrite, nitrate, o-phosphate, & sulfate), total hardness, and total phenolics.

Microbiological Assays

A variety of microbiological assays are performed routinely. The most common microbial assays are E. coli & total coliforms using a Quanti-Tray system and fecal coliforms by membrane filtration. Other microbial assays include heterotrophic plate count (HPC) and iron-related bacteria.